Principal’s message

Ramazan Light International School Principal

It is with great joy and delight that I welcome you to our uniquely ultra-modern International school, Light International School (LIS).

LIS opened its academic doors in the year 2001, offering the International Cambridge curriculum from kindergarten to A-Level. We also offer the Pearson BTEC qualifications, business option. Having registered excellent results in both O-Level and A-Level, we boast of vibrant alumni that are in high ranking universities around the World and positively impacting the job market.

LIS is located in a beautiful, quiet and serene environment that is conducive for teaching and learning. It has spacious, modern classrooms fitted with smart boards and projectors, which are warmly decorated with relevant teaching/learning aid.

At LIS, we take pride in our unique offering that presents learners and teachers with an experience that is rare to find in many International Schools. Our teachers and students are equipped with advanced computer and ICT skills that come in handy in meeting learning needs of the 21st Century.

Besides, the mainstream academic prowess we also have a robust and successful co-curricular culture that gives our students a platform to develop and nurture their talents. Our students participate in national and International competitions that help in expanding their horizons beyond classroom learning. Notable among some of the International competitions that we partake in are; Genius Olympiad held in the USA, Infomatrix Olympiad held in Romania and The World Scholars Cup traditionally held in different parts of the World in Global rounds and the very best of the best compete in the USA during the Tournament of champions, we also have our very own International competition- Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad (GCIEPO) which attracts participants from all over the world, is one of the most popular science competitions of the day.

Our club and sporting department ensure that all students and their different needs are taken care of by providing what is needed to make them grow, learn and play.

Our school is a close-knit family in which students and teachers interact freely in ways that greatly benefit all the learners. Furthermore, our class teachers and administrators organize home visits to our parents’/ guardians’ homes to create a deeper relationship and opportunities for a face-to-face communication and understanding. Class teachers and mentors organize community service programmes that help a great deal in self discovery of our students. Career path discovery is also enhanced through a job training programme that our students proudly take part in during the holidays for two weeks.

With all these programmes in place, we endear to always live up to the very meaning and substance of our mission statement which is to produce morally upright, academically competent and socially responsible individuals to the society.

Indeed, Light International School is a unique culturally diverse school with a mosaic of many colors that exist in a warm harmonious way where everyone finds a place to successfully fit. It is with confidence that I say that your arrival to our school means access to success!



Principal of LIS Nairobi