Cambridge International AS and A Level (Year-12 and Year-13)

  1. Taken by over 175,000 learners in more than 125 countries
  2. Develops deep understanding, independent learning and constructive thinking skills
  3. Flexible programmes
  4. Academic Equipment
  5. Internationally recognised qualification
  6. Variety of assessment methods
  7. Accepted by universities worldwide, including all UK universities
  8. Accepted by over 500 US universities including Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford
  9. A passport to success at university and in employment Subjects offered in AS and A Level in our school are as follows:


Students must take four subjects in Year 12. The first subject Global Perspective is compulsory. Select 3 more subjects from the groups below. You can select only one subject from any given group. Tick (√) the box next to the subject of your choice. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance from the academic coordinator or career counselor.

Textbooks and exercise books are provided in all classes.

NB: Some of the subjects above will only be provided if student demand is sufficient.



Attach your mock exam result or transcript or Year 11 Cambridge results or KCSE result slip to this application.

15% Tuition Fee discount for every Grade A*; The subject that you are going to take in Year 12 must be A* so that you will GET 15% DISCOUNT on tuition fee.

10% Tuition Fee discount for every Grade A; The subject that you are going to take in Year 12 must be A so that you will GET 10% DISCOUNT on tuition fee

The discount offered is valid for only one year.  The discount rate for Year-13 will be recalculated at the end of the Academic year of Year 12, in August.