Admission Requirements

1. The FEES are in KENYA SHILLINGS, PER TERM, and are billed in August, December and April EXCEPT for YEAR 11, 12, and 13 which is billed as an ANNUAL FEE IN TWO INSTALMENTS – August and December. The fees are fully inclusive of the cost of all mandatory textbooks and exercise books.

2. DUE DATE: Fees are payable on or before the first day of each term.

3. A SURCHARGE of 1.25% is levied PER MONTH on any balance a student may have.

4. EARLY FEES PAYMENT DISCOUNT: A discount of 5% on TUITION fees is given when FEE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR is made before the due date.

5. In certain Year Groups where vacancies are limited, a 20% advance payment of the tuition fee will be paid as part of the First Term’s fees. This advance payment nonrefundable in case the chance is forfeited. Students who cannot be accommodated immediately are put on a waiting list.

6. Lunch fee is compulsory for day students.

7. Boarding fee covers all meals.

8. SCHOOL & PE UNIFORMS are not inclusive of the fees. (Ask for details from receptionist)

9. CAMBRIDGE EXAMINATION FEES for candidate classes (Year 11, 12, and 13) must be paid until 30th January of the respective year.

10. CAMBRIDGE EXAM REGISTRATIONS cannot be done until school fee balance is cleared.

11. SIBLING DISCOUNT: It is applicable to tuition fee only and is applied as follows:

  • 1st born child is not entitled to a discount.
  • 2nd born child is entitled to a 10%
    discount on tuition fees.
  • 3rd born child and any other siblings after are entitled to a 20% discount on tuition fee.
  • When one of the siblings graduate or leave the school, the discounts will be recalculated.

12. Note that ACTIVITY and CLUBS’ & SOCIETIES FEES are not inclusive in the school fees. Communication in this regard is normally done through an official letter from the school given to the affected students.

13. A FULL TERMS’ NOTICE in writing and the HEADTEACHER’S acknowledgment in writing of the same is required for withdrawals else, a FULL TERM’S FEES IS PAYABLE in lieu of such notice.

14. The Board of Directors reserves the right to alter the fees with a three-month notice.

15. The school reserves right of admission.