Fun Day

The LIS Fun day that is traditionally celebrated on the 1st Friday after our midterm break took place on the 4th of November 2017.

Such a day both the students and teachers interact in an outclass environment, they form teams and that they participate in fun activities together.

During the day all the students and teachers are given teams, the teams are as follows Newton, Tesla, Heisenberg, and Feynman.

The activities begun with team preparation meeting and then a gathering in the auditorium for a two-hour session. During the auditorium session the teams engage in indoor stage activities like balloon bursting – dance competition, general knowledge quiz, karaoke just to mention but a few.

After the auditorium session the teams now hit the field…they get to compete and participate in fun activities like bottle water filling using a sponge, egg race, sack race, potato search, tug or war athletics and football, volleyball and basketball.

All the activities that are undertaken during the day in the different segments of the day have merit points that will be used to determine the winning team.

This term’s edition of the fun day saw the introduction of winner’s rotational trophy that is taken by the winning team. Other than the trophy the winning team also gets a pizza party win to celebrate their win.

As a school we believe in creating a synergy of hands-on activities that help in the growth of the student, by so doing a friendlier learning environment is created where the students will be very free with their teachers.

It was such a fun-filled day and now looking forward to the next fun day next term.