Unity in diversity is what was witnessed during this year’s International Festival of language and culture that is annually organized and hosted by the Light International school Nairobi.‘’Muacha mila ni mtumwa…. that translates as …’he who forfeits his or her culture is a slave’ This is the back bone that bore the idea of the cultural presentation and sharing’’, These were the sentiments of one of the organizers who wants to see a vibrancy of continuity of a steady flow of cultures from one generation to the next.
This year’s show case of cultures did pride in presentation of over 15 cultures from 13 countries namely Kenya, Turkey, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia and West Africa.
The cultural expo held at the school’s Karen campus brought a fresh breath of how to appreciate cultures and traditions despite the ever-changing tides of beliefs and the storm of the digital generation, and the dot com culture. Students took to the stage to entertain, educate and remind those in attendance that culture is indeed a beautiful fabric on which our different designs are made.
It was a spectacular show of a cultures ranging from food culture, clothing culture, artifacts, oral traditions, music and dance. The event that was open to the public did come in handy at this time when the country is headed for a general election that we need not be divided by our different culture but find a solid common ground where we can all seek and foster a peaceful coexistence.
It was so refreshing for the young ones to experience the cultures of their fore fathers and nostalgic for the old to re-live the cultures yet again and share in the wisdom of age with the young generation. The light group of schools believes in the understanding of the various tenets of cultures that make a complete society riding on the premise that we are living in a global village. It was very optimistic to see student participants many of whom are young eager and ready to embrace other cultures that are different from their own.
With this kind of participation and show case the world will not only be unified in their different colors to make a beautiful mosaic of tolerance but to also show hope of a better future with a deeper understanding of our roots.
The organizers of the event exuded confidence that the next edition will be better and even bigger by incorporating more cultures and participating countries.