The Light International School, Sunday 14th May, played host to this year’s International Mother’s Day, in a colorful community event. It was glamour pomp and splendor as mothers were honored and celebrated.
It is the belief, trust and love for our mothers that necessitated the hosting and organization of this event.
During this year’s edition of the celebration, mothers from all walks of life were feted and appreciated during a Mothers’ Honors Awards segment. A celebration of motherhood is in fact a celebration of humanity, so this Honors Awards event celebrates humanity.
Mothers who showed prowess in different fields were honored during the awards. It was indeed a great honor hosting these honorable mothers in the following categories;
• Hon. Sabina Chege, a Member of Parliament, received an award in Leadership and Education
• Victoria Rubadiri, a News Anchor at NTV, in Media category
• Cecilia Mwangi, an Anti-Jigger Campaign Ambassador of Ahadi Kenya Trust, in Hygiene and Community Service category
• Elizabeth Ngare, Principal – Likoni School for the Visually Impaired, in Special Needs Education category
• Jacqueline ‘Wilbroda’ Nyaminde, an Actress- “Papa Shirandula” Citizen TV, in Entertainment category
• Jane Anyango, Polycom Chairlady – Kibera, in Women and Girls’ Empowerment category
• Edouardine Nyalikpeti Bilambo, a parent from LIS, in Education Support category
• Cylia Kathambi, Founder – Angaza Kifafa, in Anti-Stigma Sensitization category
• Susan Kone, Chairlady – Women’s Federation for World Peace and Unification Africa, in Peace and Unity category
Mothers were treated to great and entertaining presentations and challenges from the performing arts team of our school and Wamama wa Amani of Kibera.
We appreciate the presence of our parents during the event and also extend our warmest gratitude to the following partners and sponsors; True Story Kenya, AfroMum, FEMNET, House of Manji, GoTv, Lotus, Wamama wa Amani from Kibera, two of our own parents Mrs. Salma Fernandez and Mrs. Naimo Abdi Hussein for provision of gift items.

Thanks for making this event a great success!