We would like to congratulate our 2010 graduand Tony Omita for his recent achievement. He is accepted for PhD in Biochemistry at University of Oxford. He will be studying on a better treatment for type 2 diabetes. Below you can see his testimonial.

“After leaving Light Academy Nairobi in 2010, I pursued and have successfully completed my ‘A’ levels and undergraduate degree. I graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc in Biochemistry last year and I am currently completing an MSc in Drug Discovery and Development at University College London (UCL), and hope to embark on a PhD later this year upon completion of my current course.

The PhD will be a drug discovery based project revolving around type 2 diabetes and developing better treatments against the diseases.

I believe that my time at Light Academy helped instill some of the values that have positively influenced my above achievements and more to come. The teaching style used was such that it provided enough for students to grasp the basic concept, but the onus was on each individual to take steps to the next level. On hindsight, I now appreciate this more than I did while I was a student at Light Academy. This is because progression in both academics as well as careers requires a lot of individual initiatives for one to stand out. I am grateful Light Academy made it possible for me to learn and internalize this at a young age.

Another major life lesson learnt while at Light Academy was that to achieve your ambitions you must put in work, maintain self-discipline, remain focused and even though there might be setbacks along the way, don’t give up, keep pushing.” TONY OMITA