We hosted the Golden Climate Teachers Workshop at Light International School in Karen, Nairobi on Saturday 30th January 2016. The workshop was attended by 36 science teachers representing 20 schools.
The workshop was aimed at giving science teachers skills required to guide students in preparation of science projects. Topics covered included;

  • The background and history of Golden Climate Olympiad
  • The benefits of participating in science project competitions
  • How to originate good science project ideas
  • The Golden Climate Registration and Judging Process
  • How to write a science project report.
  • How to prepare a presentation/exhibition poster for a project.

The workshop has been successful and the teachers have shared lots of information and ideas.  We expect a big turnout in this year’s Golden Climate Competition which will be held between 30th April and 2nd May at Light International School Nairobi. A big thanks to all the teachers and schools who took their time to send representatives to the workshop.
The following schools were represented;

Aga Khan Nairobi
Aga Khan Mombasa
Alliance High School
Kenya Muslim Academy
Kimuri High School
Light Academy Boys Secondary
Light Academy Malindi
Light Academy Mombasa
Light Academy Primary School
Light International School
Light Academy Girls
Mau Mau Memorial Girls Secondary
Memon High School
Naisula School
Oshwal Primary Nairobi
Potterhouse School
SCLP Samaj School
Stanmore High School
Wami High School