Our students take part in a number of international and national project Olympiads. The learning process cannot take place in the classroom alone.
As a student, one must extend their horizons and in order to do this he/she should take extra-curricular activities that aid education.
Why participate in project Olympiads?
Several benefits accrue to students who take part in these competitions.
The Olympiads offer a platform for students to come up with various new and innovative ideas.
These competitions not only enhance learning but also enrich one’s curriculum vitae (CV). This helps our students get into universities and also gives them an edge over competitions in the job market.
Although most of these competitions are science and ICT oriented, some are languages and humanities related and for that reason, we believe that there is a competition for everyone.

Genius Olympiad (New York, USA) 12th-16th June 2016
I-SWEEP (Texas, USA) 1st-3rd May 2016
International Festival Of Engineering, Sciences And Technology In Tunisia 1st May 2016
Doganata Education Science Engineering Energy Project Fair 10th-16th April 2016
International ICT Olympiad (Bucharest, Romania) 14th-18th May 2016
INESPO -International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad (Amster- dam/Netherlands) 30th-31st May 2016
Kenya Science Congress (Nairobi, Kenya) 10th March 2016
Golden Climate (Nairobi, Kenya) 29th April-2nd May 2016
World Scholar`s Cup (Nairobi, Kenya) 23rd-24th February 2016
GISUTECH (ICT Olympiad) (Kampala, Uganda) 30th May 2016