On 31st October 2015, we had a presentation for year 11 parents dubbed as ‘what next after year 11’. The presentation was held in our auditorium and most parents/guardians who attended were indeed delighted by the information gathered after the presentation.

As stated, to many it was an eye opener. In fact one of the parents gave out her testimony, saying that she wasted a whole year trying to look for a university and ended up doing A Levels later. She just wished that the presentation was done two years back, she could not have regretted.

The school advised parents to consider AS/A Level as first priority before taking their children to higher level of learning as this will guarantee direct entry to many universities, both local and international.

In addition, doing AS/A Level also offers them an opportunity to acquire advanced credit which is being recognized by many universities worldwide and the advantage is that before entry to the university, the learner is usually a head of the others even before admission. This means, for a course that is supposed to be done in four years, one ends up doing in three years.

You can reach this presentation from the link below.